Chigwell Meadows

The Grange Farm meadow is a 21-acre parkland with hard paths providing a circular route around the tree and flower-lined walkways, accessible for all. Among others, Poplar, Oak, Walnut and Willow trees provide shade while a plethora of indigenous wildflowers such as bluebells, creeping cinquefoil, red and white clover, cow vetch and yarrow provide color and texture to the landscape. If you tread carefully among the log piles you may witness the beetles, woodlice and other insects that help to balance the meadows delicate ecosystem. At night the site comes alive with owls, bats, and other nocturnal animals.


The swale that runs through the center of the meadow is a man-made feature and is part of a sustainable urban drainage system connected to the tranquil pond. It is of special scientific interest as its ecological development can be studied from construction through to maturity. The reeds within the Swale help to filter the water and they also create valuable habitat for wildlife.


Bird watchers, dog walkers, picnic-ers and strollers exist side by side in this tranquil and relaxing environment.