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Sport Pitches

When designing The Grange Farm Centre it was important that the pitches were constructed to a high specification as possible. The Grange Farm Trustees appointed top consultants to come up with a suitable design that would keep match cancellations at a minimum throughout the year.  Both playing areas have well-drained professionally turfed surfaces that can be configured into varying playing areas, to suit the age groups playing, from one full-size football pitch to four half-size or a number of smaller training areas.


The in-house groundstaff works hard to keep the pitches at these high standards, employing specialist contractors for the end of season renovation.


A player’s tunnel provides access to the spacious, comfortable changing, showering and officials facilities within the Grange Farm Centre. All the changing facilities have heated floors and showers.  There is also cleaning facilities for kits and boots. 

The facilities that Grange Farm provide have been described as the best in the area.

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