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EWCA Family Kung Fu

Contact person: Sifu Che

Contact number: 07913326496





Start times: Tuesday 6.00pm (Kids) & Tuesday 7.00pm (Adults)

Wing Chun is a Traditional Chinese Martial Art made famous by Ip Man (Yip Man) and Bruce Lee.
As legend has it, Wing Chun was created by a woman, a nun from the Shaolin Temple called Ng Mui. Her first student was also a woman by the name of Yim Wing Chun. It is a Southern Shaolin style and it favours a shorter stance and close quarters combat. It uses low kicks and dangerous elbow attacks, it utilises a simultaneous attack and defence and does not favour a dominate side to attack and defend with. Wing Chun uses a training technique called Chi Sao (Sau) “Sticking Hands” to help the student develop their ability to remain relaxed in a fight and use their attackers strength against them.

Wing Chun has three empty hand forms, a Wooden Dummy Form, a Long Pole form and a Knife Form. It is great for all ages, male or female as it does not require high kicks or lots of jumps or acrobatic movements.

At EWCA Family Kung Fu we try to provide a Person Centred approach to teaching. We believe we should adapt our teaching style to the learners needs and not the learners to ours. 

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